America.  Land of the free, home of the brave….and also home to Rapid Air Worx who makes some of the finest air rifles that money can buy.  They have some features that exceed every other competitor in their roughly $2000 weight class.  But not one feature stands out more than the fact that these guns…..are made in the good old USA!  Below is a link to the full length review video that accompanies this written report.  I suggest taking them both in for the full story.

The trigger.  Oh……my…..GAWWWWWD, that trigger!  This is one of those features I mentioned that greatly exceeds all other competitors in it’s class.  The RAW guns have one of the very finest mechanical triggers I’ve ever used.  No other gun in it’s class is even remotely close to the RAWs when it comes to trigger pull.

The triggers are two stage and fully adjustable.  From the factory, they come with a feather light first stage…a solid second stage wall…and a crisp let-off averaging 4.1 ounces.  That’s right…4.1 OUNCES!  What’s more is that’s not the average of a single gun.  That’s an average from three different guns.  Two pulled at 4.5 ounces and one pulled at 3.5 ounces, giving you an overall model average of about 4 ounces.

My test gun showing it’s 3.5 ounce trigger pull

Another standout feature of the HM1000x would be the stocks.  The LRT (Long Range Target) wood laminate stocks are absolutely gorgeous.  They’re also fully adjustable and cleverly designed.  Designed for bench shooting, the fore-end is flat on the bottom for easy resting on bags or for a stable bipod attachment via the M-Lok rail system.  The buttstock is also cut for a rest or bags.

The chassis style stock is also exemplary.  Utilizing an AR-15 buffer tube, one of the finest adjustable AR-15 stocks comes as standard.  Keep in mind, it’s easily replaceable with any AR-15 stock you choose.  There are M-Lok mounting points all over the chassis for bipods or lights or whatever you like.  The hunters out there will love this one.

These guns all have picatinny/weaver style optics rails, a manual safety,  smooth-operating sidelevers, adjustable regulators, adjustable hammer springs, and an included modular moderator.  The moderator is two pieces and can be used at either length.  The build quality is second to none.

This beautiful picture is just to remind you that these guns are handmade right here in the USA

For all of my testing, I used a .25 caliber LRT model in black laminate.  I didn’t adjust the regulator, but I did max out the hammer spring.  This gave me about 63ft-lbs using the JSB 33.95gr pellets.  That’s pretty spicy, and the gun is capable of more with a reg adjustment.  It’s advertised that these guns will get up to 50 shots per fill.  I got 45, and that’s with the hammer spring maxed out.  I’d say that’s right in line with the manufacturers claim.  What’s more is that my extreme spread was only 12fps.  That’s very consistent performance, and the equal or better of all in it’s class.

I also did my accuracy testing with this gun.  Naturally, I used the indoor 100 yard range at the Midwest Shooting Center in Lima Ohio.  For the first time in my life, a slug turned out to be the most accurate projectile that I tested.  If you’re not familiar with my testing, I shoot four five shot groups and give you the average.  I feel this better represents the performance of the gun than a single cherry picked group.  The two most accurate projectiles were the FX Hybrid Slugs in 26 grain, and the JSB King Heavy 33.95 grain pellets.  The FX slugs didn’t win by much…but they still won.  That is exemplary performance from the HM1000x.  If you want to shoot slugs, you should take a long hard look at these RAW airguns!  Below are the shot cards for both of these projectiles.


While they did provide the smallest overall group, the JSB pellets lost out by 0.04″ by average

As you can see, you should own a RAW rifle.  They are at least as accurate as anything in their class.  Maybe more.  They are at least as consistent as anything in their class.  Maybe more.  They definitely have the best trigger in their class, and maybe the best stocks as well.  But again…the very best thing that they have going for them…is that they are hand-built right here in America.  They are a true top of the line American PCP that will compete with anything else out there.


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