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Element Titan 5-25x56FFP FULL REVIEW!
The Element Optics line of rifle scopes have been out for a while now.  You don’t need me to tell...
Benjamin Craftsman Line: Akela, Cayden, Kratos
New for 2020, Benjamin has released their Turkish made “Craftsman” line of airguns.  These are the Akela, the Cayden, and...
BRAND NEW Daystate Huntsman Revere  FULL REVIEW
K.I.S.S.  An acronym meaning “Keep It Simple Stupid.”  There is a certain elegance in simplicity…especially when it works outstandingly well. ...
The PelletgageR, now in .22 caliber!
Chances are that all of you .177 pellet sorters are already familiar with the Original Pelletgage and the PelletgageR.  There’s...