Dennis Baker

Owner and founder of Baker Airguns



Dennis Baker

Owner and Founder

Send Repairs To:

Baker Airguns
117 S Main St
Mount Victory, Ohio 43340

How to Ship

Our specialty is in repairing airguns, but we can perform some very minor restoration work upon request.

We try to preserve as much of the original finish on vintage guns as possible but we also can restore the metal or wood.

Please note that painted airguns will look painted. Refinished wood will look refinished. We do our best to get the airgun looking nice again, but it will not look like it was when it was new

If you were looking for resources to do your own repairs, a good place to start is our “Parts” section, where you’ll find seal kits, parts, and tools.

For Parts:
From the main menu at the top of this page: Airgun Repair >> Parts.

If the parts you need are not listed you can submit a parts order request.

For Seal Kits:
From the main menu at the top of this page: Airgun Repair >> Seal Kits Available Online.

Can’t find a seal kit listed for your airgun? Submit a custom seal kit request.

Bring that old BB gun back to life! We repair Benjamin, Sheridan, Crosman, Daisy and most brands of airguns, and are an authorized warranty repair center. General repair includes all seals, valve springs and oil. We also clean, degrease and oil your airgun, and will make that old bb or pellet gun shoot like it was young again! The cost of repair is very reasonable, but depends on the model of your airgun, plus return shipping which is usually around $20 in the U.S. Please be sure Contact Us before sending your airgun to be sure we repair that make and model to avoid unnecessary shipping cost.

What Folks Are Saying

Thank you for all your help with these great airguns from days gone by. Takes me back to my childhood when I bring them out. My 312 shoots dime size groups at 25yrds. The 180 pounds groups smaller than that. MF, Texas

I received the guns I sent to you for repair. They both work exactly as i expected them to do. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for your communication and expertise. i hope to do more business with you in the future. You do quality work and I would be more than glad to recommend you. Bob from Ohio

Aloha Dennis! Just wanted to send you a note that my pistol arrived in good shape yesterday. I just got back in from by backyard range and it shoots great. Thank you so very much for doing a great job in a very timely manner. Mahalo again for a great job!!! Rick, Hawaii

Thank you so much for your prompt answers to our questions. We appreciate it. Bob

Just to let you know that I received the Sheridan today and you did an absolutely fantastic job!!!!!! What workmanship and great efforts you went to and I assure you that it is greatly appreciated. Best Regards, MW

I want to thank you for the service you performed on my Daisy 25. It has so much air pressure that my oldest son had to have me cock it for him. Oh, and BTW, he’s 23. {:0 Thanks again, Robert

Hi Dennis, Opened up the package with the old Red Ryder this morning. Very happy with the gun. Shoots much harder than the same gun made in the 80’s that I have. I’ll be leaving positive feedback for sure. Thanks a bunch! Josh

Aloha Dennis! Well, the Benjamin pistol you repaired works great. Good fun to shoot. I am going to send the Rochester Rifle to you next week. Thank You – Rick, Hawaii

Thanks, Dennis. It’s a pleasure doing business with you! Rick

Dennis: Shot the Benjamin 312 for the first time since it arrived from your shop. WOW!! Better than new. Thank you again for completing a repair as promised. Jerry

Thanks, I will post feedback as well, this is a great little air gun, had one just like it in my youth, but when I went off to college, my brother, cut off the stock, so he could be like the rifleman. Kind regards, K

Got the vintage Model 25 Daisy in the mail today. I sent it to you for new leather seals. It shoots great! Thanks again, Jerry

Den: Re: Airgun Repair, Dept of Shameless Self Promotion
I like it; car dealerships post the favorable comments that they receive, and inasmuch as many of your customers visit you by mail, this is an excellent method to let us know about how folks view your services. In the two years that I have submitted dozens of air guns (and one cap pistol) to your tender care, the results have been excellent, and in the very few instances when things went wrong, you immediately made things right. Thanking you for your continued efforts and learning process, Will Thank you for the work on 2 other Benjamin’s that I have rebuilt and that you have resealed. This latest gun has me going ga’ga. I haven’t looked yet to see if you replaced the original leather pump seal but it shoots great and doesn’t require cocking it to pump it as is the norm. You must have done a super job on the seal replacement. This gun seems almost delicate compared to other 312’s probably because of its age. It shoots as hard or harder than the newer ones. Fletchers’s book “The St.Louis and Benjamin Air Rifle Co’s” places my rifle as a 1949 or 1950 model as these years were the only time the gun was offered for $16.65 as is written on the end of the gun box that I have.