Customer Feedback 2022


Hi Dennis,

I received the parts for the Crosman V-350 and rebuilt the BB Gun this weekend. It went better then expected. The rifle is back to it’s old glory. Thank you for your help, and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Jan K.



Just wanted to let everyone know how satisfied I’m with the new M3 in 25 cal I bought last week.I was able to set it up and shoot some yesterday at 45 yards using JSB 25.39 pellets and it’s spot on. Too cold and windy today to increase the distance but I know it will do just great. Mike did a fantastic job helping with everything it turned out perfect so tell him hello please.    Thanks again,



Dennis and the Baker Crew,

Thank you for the generous donation to the 2022 Buckeye Field Target Series!  It was very appreciated and really boosted the turnout at each of the clubs this year.  I know I shot more FT and 3 different classes because of it.  I probably shot more FT this year than ever.

Thank you again,

Daniel P.


Mr. Baker,

I received my Benjamin Discovery yesterday and thank you for the excellent repair/service, No, make that superb!!

I just finished  sighting it in and can say that it is better than new!!! Now,next Tuesday I will be able to go into the squirrel woods with my favorite air rifle.

Thank you again for an excellent job. I am 10000% satisfied.

Wayne D.




Dear Dennis,

On behalf of AAFTA we would like to say a big THANK YOU to Baker Airguns for being a sponsor of the AAFTA Field Target National Championship in Aguadilla Puerto Rico!

As a BRONZE LEVEL sponsor, your company’s banners were prominently displayed at the main entrance and among the shooting lanes of the event. You were also featured on the event jerseys given to each participant. You were well represented at our flagship event! We have also featured your sponsorship on multiple social media spots, videos and on our site.

Your donation of the $500 gift certificate was a great item for our auction. The bidding was lively and exciting!

At this year’s Nationals, shooters were challenged with a windy course in the fields with targets elevated. Additionally there was another course in the jungle where ranging was difficult. Both courses where hot and humid, with shooters drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. Our PR hosts did a great job setting up the courses, representing our sponsors and making the event a huge success! Here’s a quick video of day one of three-


We have announced that the 2023 AAFTA Nationals will be in North East Ohio! Planning for that event has already begun and we hope to partner with you again next year. More on that to come! We are always open to suggestions and comments about our Sponsor Program and how to make it work best for you. Feel free to message us any time!

Thanks again!

Philip Hepler




Dennis, Boy thanks a lot, that means a lot to me and shows Your Great service.



Dear Dennis,

I ordered a Weilhrauch air rifle from you online on a Friday Sept 2

2022 and it shipped 30 minutes later  (the time between receiving the invoice email from Baker and the receipt of the UPS Ship Notification email).  The gun arrived exactly when UPS predicted it would and everything looks great.

Thanks for a flawless online shopping experience!






I received my Benjamin a few days ago and I want to thank you for your excellent service. The gun shoots and looks amazing. The peep sight and pellet order arrived yesterday and I’m looking forward to setting it up and shooting it. Your service and professionalism are outstanding.

Much appreciated,



Dennis I got home this morning from a business trip and my Sheridan was waiting.  I am very impressed with your service and how well my gun was packed. Including chronograph numbers is a neat extra that I didn’t expect Thanks for doing a great job.  Enjoy your weekend.

Bob T


The M3 sniper arrived yesterday in perfect condition, the mk2 I sent to you should show up today. I set the m3 up yesterday and did some shooting this morning at 36 yards, it’s shooting very good even with 18 mph winds. I’ll send a couple pictures to bakerairguns. I want to thank you for the great service you guys are the best. Hope to here from you soon.
Best Regards


Dear Dennis, I have received the label for returning the extra parts for my Sheridan pellet gun. I will be sending it back to you. I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I successfully rebuilt the seals in my Sheridan c series silver streak, I’m turning 50 this year! I received my pellet gun from my father when I was 10 years old. I followed dad around in the squirrel woods with it , he carried his browning, T bolt , Belgium made 22 riffle. I walked behind him with my Sheridan pellet gun! I had to learn to walk/ sneak behind him with out a sound! It wasn’t till I could first do that , that I would some day get my own 22 riffle.   So needless to say I harvested a lot of squirrels and rabbits first with my Sheridan silver streak pellet gun! Now I have two boys of my own and dad has passed away, they are 7 and 10. And I’m going to now be passing my beautiful resealed Sheridan pellet gun on to them and walking through the squirrel woods saying shhhh! To them like My father did!👍 Thanks again for the personal conversation and being quick to resolve the situation! God bless !



Hi, Dennis

The shipping was fast, the mount is exactly what I needed! Went on very quickly.  Instructions were great and so was Donny’s video.

Thanks, and Have a Great Day!


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