Customer Feedback 2022


Dear Dennis, I have received the label for returning the extra parts for my Sheridan pellet gun. I will be sending it back to you. I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I successfully rebuilt the seals in my Sheridan c series silver streak, I’m turning 50 this year! I received my pellet gun from my father when I was 10 years old. I followed dad around in the squirrel woods with it , he carried his browning, T bolt , Belgium made 22 riffle. I walked behind him with my Sheridan pellet gun! I had to learn to walk/ sneak behind him with out a sound! It wasn’t till I could first do that , that I would some day get my own 22 riffle.   So needless to say I harvested a lot of squirrels and rabbits first with my Sheridan silver streak pellet gun! Now I have two boys of my own and dad has passed away, they are 7 and 10. And I’m going to now be passing my beautiful resealed Sheridan pellet gun on to them and walking through the squirrel woods saying shhhh! To them like My father did!👍 Thanks again for the personal conversation and being quick to resolve the situation! God bless !



Hi, Dennis

The shipping was fast, the mount is exactly what I needed! Went on very quickly.  Instructions were great and so was Donny’s video.

Thanks, and Have a Great Day!


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