Get On The Waitlist For That Hard To Find Airgun!

Search for airguns (in stock and out of stock items will be shown). If you find an airgun that’s “out of stock” you can join the waitlist for that item.

How It Works

Because the condition of any used airgun is unique we can only sell one per product listing. Once sold, that listing will show as “out of stock”. When we get another airgun of the same make and model we will update the same product listing with new pictures and description, and make it available for sale. If you’ve joined the waitlist while the product was out of stock you’ll get an email from us letting you know that item is back in stock and available for sale. No account is required to join a waitlist, but an account is required to keep a waitlist online for later viewing.

Want To Save Your Waitlist Online?

If you want to come back later to view your waitlist you’ll need an account.

  1. Create an Account on Baker Airguns.
  2. Write down your user name and password. Keep it in a safe place
  3. Add Items to your waitlist by following instructions on this page.
  4. View your Your Waitlist online (you must be logged in).