Get On The Waitlist For That Hard To Find Airgun!

So you get the best experience possible, we recommend you take 30 seconds to read this page so you’ll understand how the process works before continuing.

How It Works

Search for airguns (top of the page) that are both in stock, and out of stock. If you find an airgun that’s “out of stock” you can add yourself to the waitlist for that item.

Once joined to the waitlist you’ll get an email alert letting you know we’ve added a similar airgun to that slot which is now available for sale. IF you’ve registered an account on Baker Airguns you will be able to view items you’ve added to your waitlist online. To view your waitlist online you’ll need to have an account, AND be logged in when BOTH adding your items to the waitlist AND to view your items. PLEASE NOTE: you do not need an account to get on the waitlist. You only need an account to track your waitlist online. You’ll get an email letting you know we have your item available for sale with or without an account. This confuses people, so read carefully.

Want To Keep Track of Your Waitlist Items Online?

  1. Create an Account on Baker Airguns.
  2. Write down your user name and password. Keep it in a safe place
  3. Add Items to your waitlist by following instructions above (how it works).
  4. View your Your Waitlist online (you must be logged in).