Hawke Frontier 30 1-6×24 LPVO FULL REVIEW, and why you need an LPVO…

Every once in a while, a combination of things that have existed for some time come together and are so good that you ask yourself why you haven’t been doing this already.  I think this is the case with the airgun and the LPVO, or Low Powered Variable Optic.  If you make that a semi-automatic compact airgun with an LPVO….then you have my new favorite thing.  Today we’ll take a look at the Hawke Frontier 30 1-6×24 LPVO and why it works so well.  Below is a link to the full length video that accompanies this article.  I suggest taking them both in for the full story.

First of all, what is an LPVO?  A Low Powered Variable Optic is basically just as the name says.  It’s a scope that typically has a 1x magnification (no magnification) up to about 6 or 8x….making it a relatively low magnification scope with variable power.  These scopes usually have an illuminated dot type reticle and sometimes have graduations on the reticle for holdover as well.  They’re also usually smaller and lighter than other scopes with a much smaller objective lens.  You’ll find these scopes quite commonly on AR-15s and other battle type rifles.  The reason for this is that they can be used very quickly on 1x similar to a red dot, yet you can also crank up the magnification for precise shots at longer ranges.  These attributes are also something that can benefit airgunners.

The Hawke Frontier 30 1-6×24 LPVO is a wonderful example of it’s type.  The one we’re carrying at Baker Airguns, and the one used for this review, is specifically the Tactical Dot model.  The reason for this is the reticle.  Yes, it has an illuminated circle-dot main reticle…but it also has a post below with graduations for holdover.  This is critical for an airgun and lends itself to quick target engagement.

Hawke Frontier 30 1-6×24 LPVO Tactical Dot Reticle

This scope is designed for speed, but still gives you the capability to take precise longer range shots.  Below is a GIF of me shooting cans on 1X at 7 yards with an EDgun Leshiy 2.  In this role, the illuminated circle-dot reticle is used the same as any red-dot type optic.  As you can see below, you can take some FAST well aimed shots with the 1-6×24 Frontier 30.  Even with a single shot rifle, we could all benefit from near instantaneous target acquisition.

Plinking some cans on 1X at 7 yards with an EDgun Leshiy 2

BUT WAIT….there’s more!  Like I’ve been saying, the 6x magnification gives you the ability to take precise longer range shots.  Below you will see a still picture of a starling in a tree about 45 yards away through the Frontier 30 on 6x.  That starling is in heaven now.  You’ll also see a 5 shot group that I shot on 6x at 50 yards.  It was nearly 1/2″, and was the first group of the day.  That’s some pretty precise shooting.  Surely the 6x magnification will give you the ability to take well aimed shots on appropriate airgun quarry out to three digit yardage.  It’s like Beauty and the Beast all in one compact scope.

A starling in a tree about 45 yards away on 6x magnification. That starling is in heaven now.
Nearly a 1/2″ five shot group at 50 yards on 6x magnification.

Being a Frontier model, the scope has all the top of the line bells and whistles Hawke has to offer.  It uses the H7 optical system with 21 layer, fully multi-coated lenses for a bright and crisp view.  It also utilizes Hawke’s patented Zero Lock and Stop turrets.  These are match grade lockable, zero-resettable precision turrets with a mechanical zero stop.  The scopes are waterproof, shockproof, fogproof, and nitrogen purged.  They ship with metal scope caps, a manual, some tools, a spare battery, a lens cloth, and Hawke’s No Fault Lifetime Warranty.  They also ship with a throw lever for the magnification.  I absolutely love throw levers, and wish more manufacturers included them.

Obviously, an LPVO on an airgun is a fantastic idea.  They would do well on any airgun, but really sit nice on something that you might have to shoot quickly.  Among LPVO scopes, the Hawke Frontier 30 is an exceptional example.  The glass is great, the features are great, and that rock solid warranty will take care of you should an issue arise.  I highly recommend trying an LPVO on an airgun, and highly recommend the Hawke Frontier 30.

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