Baker Airguns, LLC is a full service retailer and repair service for:

  • Airguns
  • BB guns
  • Pellet Guns
  • Airgun Accessories

We are a factory authorized repair center for Crosman, Benjamin, Sheridan and Daisy airguns. We repair all brands of airguns. We specialize in the restoration of vintage American airguns. We buy, sell, trade and repair Benjamin, Sheridan, Crosman, Daisy and most brands of airguns.

The company was started in 2005 as Airgun Repair Company. In 2012, to reflect the expansion of our business to include retail sales, we changed the name to Baker Airguns LLC.

Our business is housed in a 2400 square foot former farm farm building located in a rural area of Ohio near the village of Mt. Victory, where I grew up. We have a 600 square foot retail area,, a large repair area, warehouse and 20 yard indoor shooting range.

In 2013 we repaired or restored over 700 airguns.

We have shipped to every state and exported to many overseas destinations including Russia, Cyprus, India, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.. Interest in airguns is truly word wide.


Mission Statement

At Baker Airguns our mission is to provide high quality, services and products with honesty and integrity. We will treat people as we would want to be treated.


Our Team

We currently have 5 full time employees, owner, Dennis Baker; Airgunsmith Billy “ Putt Rodenberger, Airgunsmith Shannon Magill, Airgunsmith Sam Smith and Office Manager Nichole Richardson.

Owner Dennis L Baker
I have enjoyed outdoor sports all my life. I was blessed to be born to a family with a long tradition of hunting and fishing. I was born in Ohio where my family has lived for over 100 years.

I graduated from Otterbein College in 1975.. After college I managed several small businesses in the packaging industry. In 1983 my career took me and my family to Dallas Texas. I owned a business there called Hi Tech Foam Products that manufactured packing products.

I loved Texas and hunted and fished there every minute my work and wife would allow. During this time I also owned a company called Den’s Bait Shop and sold and restored antique fishing tackle.

I have collected firearms and airguns all of my life. I have been lucky to able to combine my love of history with a love of the outdoors by studying the vintage firearms, airguns and fishing tackle.

I am a member of the NRA, National Fishing Tackle Collectors Association and a former Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America.

Our home and business is located on the Indians Summer Conservation Club, a former Issac Walton League wildlife refuge that includes 50 wooded acres, a 15 acre lake, 2 acre pond and a 1800’s era log cabin. When I was a youngster, I spent countless hours trapping, hunting and fishing on this beautiful area. Many cold November mornings I rose before dawn, walked a mile or so on the railroad tracks, ran a trap line around the lake and returned home in time to get ready for school. When I retired and moved back to Ohio in 1999 we were delighted to find that the property was for sale. I jumped on it like bird on a bug.

The Indian Summer Conservation Club, the woods, lake and cabin are another story. I will post more details and pictures on the blog page of this website as I get the hang of this blogging process.

Around 2003 I began to get more serious about collecting and repairing airguns and began to attend some of the airgun shows. I was delighted to find how receptive and friendly many of the collectors and those in the airgun business were to a relative newcomer. Ron Sauls, Jim Coplen, Bucky Scalzo, John Growenwald, Larry Lanich, Dennis Quackenbush and Tom Gaylord and many others were helpful and encouraging. After many years in the cut throat packaging industry, this was a breath of fresh air.

During this time economics ( and to finance my dream of owning the Indian Summer Conservation Club) forced me to grace my retirement by taking a job with Honda Manufacturing. I worked in the Internal Quality Group for about 10 years.

I started Airgun repair in 2005 taking in airguns for some of the folks I had met at the airgun shows. Quickly the number of repairs and my job with Honda became an overwhelming rat race.

In 2012 I retired (again) and dedicated all of time to Airgun Repair. I am in the process of changing the name to Baker Airguns LLC

Lead Airgunsmith Billy “Putt” Rodenberger

Putt grew up in a southern Ohio the son of a former Marine. In his career in the military he developed his skills as a gunsmith. He came to Baker Airguns in 2008 and has become our go to guy for problem guns. He has repaired recoilless guns such as the Diana Model 6, FWB and Crosman Match rifles. He has restored many old Daisy Double Barrels.

Airgunsmith Shannon Magill

Shannon has been with Baker Airguns since 2010 and does most of our painting as well as most Benjamin and Sheridans. He has restored countless vintage Daisy Model 25’s.

Airgunsmith and handyman Sam Smith
Sam came to us in 2013 and is quickly learning the art of airgun repair. He does our Daisy 1894’s and other lever action rifles. Sam is a man with many skills and has lead our construction and maintenance projects.

Office Manager Nichole Richardson
Nichole has been with us since 2013. She is the reason I have time to develop this web site. She manages our shipping and receiving, inventory control and many of our general office process, Nichole had her career as a corrections officer and has earned black belt degrees in two martial arts styles. She is in charge of our complaint department.

Website Developer Daymon Hoag
Daymon is the owner and operator of BuckeyeWebDevelopment and has developed several successful web sites. While not a full time employee Daymon has become an important part of our team.