Customer Feedback 2023


Hi Dennis,  I am just as happy as one could be with my 70 year old Red Ryder.  Hurricane IAN tried to ruin it…..but you did a ” SUPER  ” job bring it back to life.  I am , again. that happy 11 year old, and know my DAD would be most pleased.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Richard L.


Got my Daisy 99 back already- thanks so much!  Super quick turnaround, and this gun hasn’t shot this well or looked this good since the 70’s.  I highly recommend you!!

Kevin B.


Thank you so much for the work that you did on the pellet rifle. I can’t say enough about how good it looks and how well it will operate with all the work that you did. It will be something we definitely treasure in our family for many years to come.

Thank you again Dennis!



March 23, 2023

Received my Sheridan blue streak from Baker today. Securely packaged, and fast shipping. The gun is cleaned and looks great. Rear sight that was installed is perfect and the seals replaced have restored the full potential of power. I have already fired it and I am impressed. Thank you for bringing life back to a special piece of Americana built just minutes away from my hometown. Sheridan company has long left but thanks to all at Baker this rifle will be with me for a long time. Thank you all for the quality work and excellent communication throughout the process.

Best regards

Juan A.


Hello Dennis, I finally got to the post office, and I want to say that S&W 79G air pistol is really nice. It’s a gift for my Uncle; he was thrilled with it.

That big Pacific storm downed a huge number of trees, and blocked our way down to the post office… which is why this thank you reply took so long.

Thank you again, my Uncle is really happy with it!


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