American Air Arms EVOL PRS .30

If you’re like me, Made In America means something to you.  Sure, other countries can produce some fine goods…but when there is something exceptional made right here in the good old USA…that’s the one I want.  The American Air Arms EVOL is one of those exceptional things made here in America….and yes….I want one!  The link below is to the full length video review that accompanies this written report.  I suggest taking them both in for the full story.

Here at Baker Airguns, we have both a full length EVOL PRS .30 caliber version and a .22 caliber EVOL Mini.  This review is soley on the full sized PRS .30 caliber version.  Both are awesome guns…and the EVOL Mini both deserves, and will be getting, it’s own full review.  For now…more on the EVOL PRS 30.

As the company name would imply, the EVOL is made right here in America.  Southern California, to be specific. Quality control is second to none, as we’ve had zero warranty claims from the guns we’ve sold.  These things are well put together using nearly 100% made in America components.  In fact the only parts not made in America are the barrels, grips, and bolts.  The gun gets it’s name from it’s Magpul PRS Lite AR-15 style stock.  It also has a Magpul AR-15 pistol grip.

Magpul AR-15 PRS Lite Stock and grip

The EVOL PRS 30 uses a 290cc titanium air cylinder that charges via a male Foster quick connect fitting to a full 4,000psi.  It’s incredibly strong and lightweight for it’s size.  The whole gun is 39″ long and weighs just 7.2lbs.  From a full fill, you can expect to get every bit of 30 shots out of the gun.  Probably a few more than 30.  What’s more is that you can expect an extreme spread of around 7fps on a full string!  That’s as good or better than anything in the industry.  Using the JSB 44.75gr pellets I got an average of 883fps and roughly 77.5ft-lbs of muzzle energy.

Fast and easy Foster Quick Connect fill port

The gun has an exceptional, fully adjustable, two stage trigger with an ambidextrous safety.  Pull weight straight out of the box was a mere 6oz and felt wonderful.  The side-lever action is a little stiff but buttery smooth.  The magazines are made in-house and are of full metal construction.  The .30 caliber mags hold 9 rounds.  The picatinny optics rail has 50MOA of elevation built right in to facilitate longer range airgun shooting.  It also has a full length lower picatinny accessory rail for bipods or what have you.

A polished 18″ TJ  barrel adorns the EVOL 30.  Just as you’d expect, it’s capable of some stellar accuracy.  The barrel has a shroud that hides an air stripper, and is also equipped with a proprietary moderator that keeps the beast fairly quiet.  I measured 80.7dB indoors directly at the muzzle.  While I can shoot a rested gun even though I’m still healing from shoulder surgery, I am definitely not 100%.  I did the very best that I could, but keep that in mind while looking at these accuracy results….as I believe the gun is capable of even better.  Using our local indoor 100yd range, I shot four groups for an average of  1.25″ with a smallest group of 1.04″ using the JSB 44.75gr pellets.

Aside from being made in the USA, there are a lot of reasons to get an EVOL.  The performance and build quality are second to none in the industry.  It’s light and powerful, handily filling the role of hunting gun or competition gun.  It is elegant American made simplicity, and I highly suggest taking a look at one.

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