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Pellet & BB only. No Airsoft
Please [CLICK HERE] to view airguns we DO NOT have kits for
If you order a Benjamin 130, 137, or 132 seal kit you have to send us your existing plunger head before we ship your kit

Your Airgun

So that we can get you the right seal kit, please enter your airgun’s details. Each seal kit contains all required parts, with drawing & oil sampler to restore seals, and power to your airgun.

Seal Kit Tools

You can add a tool to install your kit for any of the following airguns.


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Please Note: The product image shown here does not represent parts you may get in a seal kit for your particular make and model of airgun.

Each kit contains all required parts, with drawing & oil sampler to restore seals, and power to your airgun.

There are 1000s of reseal kits. Too many to list, but we can build seal kits for most Benjamin, Crosman, Daisy, and Sheridan airguns.

To request a reseal kit, fill in the required information in the form on this page.


The following are NOT available. If your gun is on this list please DO NOT order.

  • Any Airsoft guns
  • Sheridan C – Blue or Silver Streak – Backorder only
  • Benjamin 340, 342, 347 – Backorder only
  • Benjamin 392, 397, 392PA, 397PA – Backorder only
  • Crosman 760 both variants- Backorder only
  • Crosman 140, and 1400 – Backorder only
  • Crosman 101 thru 104- Backorder only
  • Benjamin 1377, 1322 – Backorder only
  • Crosman 130
  • Crosman M-1
  • Crosman Hahn 45
  • Smith & Wesson 77A
  • Daisy 200
  • Daisy 300
  • Daisy 880 Metal Receiver
  • Daisy 1894 (temporarily)
  • Benjamin 130, 137, and 132 (phone order only)
  • Benjamin muzzle pumpers including models A & G
  • Any Rochester
  • Any Kessler
  • Any Gamo



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James Cook
1 year 9 months ago

I want to repair a Benjamin model 160. I think I need a pump rod a seal kit. I may find that it needs more later. Can you help me with this?

1 year 9 months ago

You can order a seal kit. You can also send that gun to us, and we can repair it for you. It sounds like sending it to us will be your best option.