History Of The Red Ryder BB Gun, and What it’s Meant to Daisy

We received this email from Gary Garber, a.k.a. DaisyBBgunner, with a YouTube video we thought our readers might enjoy. Below is the quoted email message.

Daisy Nuts!
think you’ll really enjoy this video about the Red Ryder BB and what it’s meant to Daisy, as told by the curator of the Rogers Daisy Airgun Museum, Mr. Orin Ribar. Orin was first employed by Daisy in Plymouth, Michigan in the 1950’s, later moved with the company to Rogers, Arkansas, worked there until his retirement, and has been associated with the museum ever since. This well spoken gentleman is quite literally a walking encyclopedia regarding the history of Daisy and its guns/products. Thanks, Orin!

And thanks to Wes Powers for finding and sending this youtube video!

Shoot safe,
Gary Garber

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