Great News! Change in Michigan Airgun Laws

Good news for Michigan shooters! Michigan lawmakers finally came to their senses and changed their states laws to allow the shipping of all air rifles and air pistols to and from the state.

Michigan Senate Bills 0963, 0964, 0965 & 0966 passed by a vote of 58 to 0. House Bills 5450, 5749 & 5750 passed by a vote of 106 to 2.

This new law will declassify air, gas, 7 springers as firearms opening them up to mail orders, removing the requirements for permits, registration etc.It also removes transport restriction and everything else associated with “Firearms”.

The law is scheduled to go into effect 01 Jan 2015.


One thought on “Great News! Change in Michigan Airgun Laws

  1. michaelelewis

    Thats great ! Now if only Illinois could come to their senses as well ……….

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