February 2012 Airgun Repair completes 1000th repair

I know….this is kind of old but I never did it published anywhere. We also gave away our 2000th repair. I will publish that pic if I can find it. We are quickly approaching out 3000th repair. – Dennis

February 2, 2012

Airgun Repair completes 1000th repair


Cliff Riordan of Leesburg VA wins a FREE REPAIR. Airgun Repair has repaired 1000 guns. To commemorate Order Number 1000 we repaired Cliff’s Benjamin Model 137 Air Pistol free of charge Whaddadeal! 

Airgun Repair completed our fist 1000 orders on February 2, 2012. We would like to thank all of the many airgun enthusiasts that have supported and encouraged us by sending the airguns for repair. 

We would also like to thank Ron Sauls, Jim Coplen, Duane Shaferly, Rick Willnecker and others for their help along the way. There is a warm spirit of helpfulness and encouragement among those in the airgun community that makes this unique hobby exciting and fun. It is people like these that create this positive atmosphere. We are lucky to have them.



Cliff with his Benjamin 137

Airgun Repair buys, sells, trades and repairs Benjamin, Sheridan, Crosman, Daisy and most brands of airguns. We specialize in the restoration of vintage American airguns. We are an Authorized Crosman Repair Station  

We will happy to help you with your airgun repairs



One thought on “February 2012 Airgun Repair completes 1000th repair

  1. Steve Gwinn

    I have one just like the one your showing on your 2000 th. Repair picture a old Benjamin it will not hold air, it belonged to my great uncle I would love to get it fixed .

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