Returning From The Kalamazoo Airgun Show 2015

UPDATE: For the most up to date information on the Kalamazoo Airgun show visit the new official website
Kalamazoo Michigan Sunday August 16., 2015

Holly Cow, Whaddadeal! Please don’t tell any body about these airgun shows. If you are an airgun collector, you’re going to want to keep this to yourself. This is the real deal for airgun collectors.There are more airguns at these shows than you can shake a stick at. I hate to even tell anyone about it.

On the other hand if you are new to airgun collecting or have seen the American Airgunner on TV, then this is a great place to learn about airguns.

Wes and Teresa Powers host one of the best airgun shows in the country. Housed in the beautiful Kalamazoo Expo Center, this show started many years ago as a back yard cook out for Daisy collectors. it has grown into a major exhibition featuring all brands and types of airguns. There were everything from 19th century cast iron Columbian BB guns to state of the art competition air rifles. There were hundreds of airguns of every type and description. From blowguns to Big Bores.

Brent Hoag, Extreme Big Bore was there with .308, .40 and .50 caliber air rifles.

The Southern Michigan Airgun Club was there with many high end completion rifles. The SMAGC hosted a hosted a AAFTA sanctioned Field Target and Bench Rest match the day before the show and this was a great place to hang out, eat lunch and talk to some very experienced and knowledgeable airgunners. Chris Martin and the other members go all out to assure that everyone from beginners to professionals is comfortable and feels welcome. And…he serves up a pretty good grilled lunch. There also were opportunists to shoot for some of not-so-serious shooters and plinkers. The SMAGC has done a wonderful job developing a shooting area exclusively for airguns. Congratulations to Chris and his airgun gang.

Gary Garber, author of ” The Encyclopedia of Daisy Plymouth Guns” was there. Duane Shaferly, Jeff Strippling and some most knowledgeable Daisy collectors in the country attended the show. The depth of their knowledge of the history of American BB guns is amazing.



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