Arkansas Airgun Extravaganza

Dad and I just returned from the Arkansas Airgun Extravaganza just west of Little Rock Arkansas. The good news is that we had a great time and missed the tornados. the bad news I came home poor as a church mouse. Well…I am airgun rich. Dad and I made our annual pilgrimage to Malvern Arkansas for the Arkansas Airgun Extravaganza. Along the way we stopped at Daisy Outdoor products and the Daisy Museum. We missed the company folks who were all attending the NRA Convention in Indianapolis but we had a nice visit with Deborah and Lisa at the museum.

If you have any interest in vintage airguns and have not been to the Daisy museum in Rogers Arkansas, make a point put it on your bucket list. Situated in the quaint village of Rogers, this small museum is a jewel in the history of the Daisy BB Gun. The museum is beautifully appointed and artfully depicts the history of Daisy from it’s 19th century roots as the Plymouth iron Windmill company through its classic period of the 1940’s and 50’s right up to it current status as the world’s premier BB gun supplier.

Daisy is one of the most recognized brand names in the world. If you say BB gun, people most often think of Daisy. Dating back to the end of the 19th century, they are on of America’s oldest and most well known companies.

After visiting the museum and loading up with a trunk load of museum goodies, we headed through the beautiful Ozark Mountains just west of Little Rock to the Hot Springs County Fairground in Malvern Arkansas.

The Arkansas Airgun Extravaganza is the successor to the Little Rock Airgun Show that was one of the most popular Airgun Shows in the country for many years. When the operators were no long available to continue Seth Rowland and his lovely wife graciously took over the work and moved the venue to Malvern. They are doing a great job. This show draws some of the top airgun experts in the country. Although Tim Gaylord was unable to attend this year, the attendees included Larry Hannusch, Dennis Quackenbush, Dave Slade and many others. I have said this before but it needs repeated. The folks in the airgun hobby are some of the nicest I’ve met, they welcome newcomers like long lost friends and create a comfortable environment for everyone.

The fairground location is well suited for the purpose and offers plenty of parking, easy access, good lighting and a place to shoot and test airguns. It is a great location in may ways.
I sold several airguns but, as usual, bought even more. My airgun addiction was in full bloom. Some of my purchases include a Diana 6M match pistol, Crosman 1100 air shotgun, Crosman 400, Crosman 1400, Benjamin 397 G C02 rifle, Benjamin NP XL 1100, Benjamin 340, Crosman 101, a nice Sherdian Blue Streak, and several other very nice pieces. I picked up about 15 or 20 airguns altogether.

The show had some nice door prizes and a silent auction for a Evanix Bullpup donated by Pyramid Air. Lucky me, I won a new Benjamin Trail NP XL 100 donated by Crosman. Whattadeal!

All in all this was a great trip. Got to spend some time with my serious airgun addicted Dad, saw some pretty country, looked at lots of nice airguns and talked to some nice people. Is this heaven or what?

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  1. brigmanpp

    Looks Like a Real Good Time, wish I could be There…

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