Used Benjamin 392S .22 caliber Pellet Rifle


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Used Benjamin 392S .22 Pellet Rifle

SKU 12601

Everything you loved in the 397 PA with a new synthetic stock . This is a true American classic air rifle. These feature a lightweight synthetic Monte Carlo stock with stippled grip and pump handle.

These are not scopeable out of the box, but you can use a one piece scope mount if you’d like that option. We also highly recommend the UTG 3-9x 32 AO Bug Buster Scope for this model. If you purchase the Scope & Mount Combo, we will include a set of UTG Accushot Universal High Profile Scope Rings FREE!

  •  .22 caliber

  • Multi pump pneumatic

  • Variable power (up to 10 pumps)

  • Bolt action

  • Single shot

  • Velocities (with lead pellets):up to 685 fps in .22

  • Rifled barrel

  • Adjustable rear sight

  • Overall weight: 5.5 lbs

  • Overall length: 36.75″

This gun was very gently used and is basically brand new, was taken in on trade towards another gun. No box.

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