Saber Tactical FX Impact Adjustable Buttstock ST0009


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Saber Tactical FX Impact Adjustable Buttstock ST0009

  • Fits FX Impact MKII Air Rifles
  • Vertically Adjustable
  • Adjustable for Length of Pull
  • Angle Adjustable
  • Silicone pads provide a comfortable fit

If you’re looking to take your FX Impact MKII to the next level with an adjustable buttstock, Saber Tactical has just the ticket!  Their fully adjustable buttstock provides various planes of adjustment that will increase your comfort in any shooting scenario.

The engineers at Saber Tactical definitely listened to the end users & incorporated everything into this design. What we found out was that one design may be great for a certain style of shooting but not others. Without you buying multiple buttstocks, we made this one for bench shooters & also hunters. One of our priorities was to make it easy to attach to the gun & make adjustments without tools. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to adjust the buttstock up and down, forward and back, as well as the angle of the shoulder rest. The silicone padding makes it one of the the most comfortable buttstocks on the market. A mono-pod attachment is in the works and will be optional attachment in the near future.

See for installation video/instructions.


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