PelletGage Pellet Sorting Gauge


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The Pelletgage is a high precision (+ or – 0.0025mm) pellet headsize measuring tool. If you want to shoot as accurately as possible, you need consistency in your setup. You need it from your gun, from yourself, and especially from your ammunition. The Pelletgage will help you sort your pellets by headsize, as well as by rejecting malformed or misshapen pellets. This means that you can improve the consistency of your ammunition, and make “flyers” a thing of the past. Competition shooters and hunters alike will benefit from pellet sorting with the Pelletgage. It’s as simple to use as a “Go/No-Go” gauge. The pellet head will either go through the hole or it won’t. Thus…go or no go. The smallest hole it will go through is the size of the pellet. It’s that easy!

  • Available in .177, .20, .22, .25, .30, and .35 caliber
  • Precision metal apertures in 10 micron steps
  • Reduce flyers with more consistent head size


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