Brocock Concept Lite Tactical PCP Pellet Rifle .177


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Brocock Concept Lite Tactical PCP Pellet Rifle .177

Introducing the Concept Lite From Brocock, a light-weight yet sturdy tactical precharged pneumatic air rifle that will impress the most critical of shooters. The Concept Lite features floating hammer system paired with a Huma regulator for more shots and consistency in velocity between shots. The slightly choked German manufactured barrel delivers impressive accuracy for many different pellet weights and brands. Slugs may also be used for hunting at optimal ranges.

The Brocock Concept Lite body is built tough which is obvious in the chassis running the entire length of the action. It comes with a Tri-Rail Picatinny mounting system milled from a single aircraft grade alloy billet. The rigid design provides a bottom rail, and removable side rails for mounting tactical shooting gear. It comes with an adjustable AR15 compatible stock and AK47 grip unit than can be removed or even replaced with a different style.

The large tactical bolt makes firing the Concept Lite quick and easy. Get just the right amount power for different uses (target shooting, plinking, pest control etc..) with the built in multi-step power adjuster. The included single shot tray, muti-shot magazine, and two-stage adjustable trigger top off the list of features that make this gun a joy to shoot.

Finally, the Brocock Concept feature set includes a built-in air pressure gauge, shrouded barrel for reduced report, and extended rails to mount a scope.

  • .177
  • Precharged pneumatic
  • Bolt action
  • Overall Length: 33″
  • Barrel:431mm (17 inches) Choked
  • Weight (unscoped): 6.5 lbs
  • Valve Type: Huma-Air Regulator
  • Magazine: 10-Shot rotary, removable
  • Air Cylinder: (150cc)
  • Max Power: 18ft/lbs in .177 cal | 30 ft/lbs .22 cal | 40 ft/lbs .25 cal
  • Max Shot Count: up to 150 shots (12 Fpe .22 caliber)
  • Trigger: Two stage adjustable


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