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There isn’t a ton of information available on these rifles, and we’re not 100% sure which model this one is. The muzzle is similar to a Theoben Evolution which is a carbine, but it is a full length rifle. The rest of the gun more closely resembles the Theoben Crow Magnum. In fact the only real difference is this one says Theoben England where it should say Crow Magnum. That being said we think this probably is a Crow Magnum. It’s a .22 caliber with checkered Monte Carlo stock, and comes with a Swift 4-12×40 AO scope. Original owner’s manual and other literature included.

The stock and blued metal finish are both in beautiful condition.

Velocity tested at around 800 fps with lead pellets.

  • .22 caliber
  • Break barrel
  • H.E. Gas Ram Air Rifle
  • Evolution Trigger
  • Ultra Low Recoil
  • Lothar Walther Barrel
  • Fitted with patented zephyr piston crown
  • Fitted with patented floating inertia




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