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Brocock Sniper Magnum XR .25 Synthetic Stock

Tactical style air rifles and Bull Pups have become very popular for good reason. Tactical airguns give the shooter options for accessories such as bi-pods, shooting lamps, lasers, sling mounting, magazine holders and other useful tools in the field. Bull Pups style air rifles move the breech and barrel into a rearward position to decrease the overall length of the rifle and still provide high performance. The all new Sniper XR Magnum made by Brocock combines the best of the tactical style and bull pup platforms. This all new Hybrid air rifle is short and light and does not require the long troublesome trigger linkages required in a traditional Bull Pup design. The Brocock Sniper XR Magnum comes standard with features found on much higher priced rifles. The purpose built breech block is made from high quality aircraft grade alloy and finished to provide to an almost indestructible level. The ballistic nylon synthetic stock has shooter inspired features like a adjustable cheek piece and butt pad with a removable picatinny rail on the forearm. Performance features include a HUMA regulator for match winning shot to shot consistency. The Huma system is adjustable in pressure buy the shooter for tuning purpose. The regulator can be adjusted without removal of the stock or any disassembly of the rifle from a port behind the fill nipple. The Sniper sports two pressure gauges that show the state of charge from the carbon fiber bottle and the regulator pressure. To Further enhance the Sniper’s capabilities, a three position power adjuster with a large control knob gives the sportsman the flexibility of long range varmint control to short range plinking in seconds with a satisfying click of the knob when needed. This feature is very useful when shooting in a structure sensitive or urban environment. The American market demands have been met with a picatinny scope rail with an included 11 mm option for more traditional shooters and a large diameter barrel shroud system for reduced report. Further noise reduction is possible with the 1/2 UNF threads on the muzzle end. The all new Sniper XR Magnum will be equally at home or on the range with accuracy provided by the Lothar-Walther barrel and adjustable trigger unit. The ten shot magazine is cycled by the smooth side-lever cocking system and a single shot magazine is included for target work.


Brocock Sniper XR Magnum Features:

  • Pre-charged pneumatic
  • 480cc Carbon Fiber Hi-Lite bottle
  • Ergonomic sidelever
  • Match Grade Trigger
  • Picatinny Scope & Bi-pod mount
  • Manual safety
  • HumaAir Regulator
  • 2D Adjustable butt pad
  • Dual Pressure Gauges
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 rds
  • Lothar Walther Polygonal Barrel w/Integral Shrouded Silencer
  • Threaded muzzle (1/2″ x 20 UNF)
  • Hi-Lo Power Adjuster
  • Re-settable safety catch
  • Overall Length: 1041mm (41″)
  • Barrel Length: 432mm (17″)
  • Weight: 3.7kg (8.1 lbs.)