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The Daisy Model 21 is a BB caliber, spring piston air rifle with two 50 shot spring fed magazines. The gun cocks with a break action just like a real double barrel shotgun. They were manufactured from 1968 to 1970 as part of their “Spittin’ Image” series. The “Spittin’ Image” series also included the Model 1894 Western Carbine, the Model 26 Fieldmaster and the Model 179 Single Action Revolver. It was one of the least successful of the series and the relatively small number manufactured make it one of the most sought after collector’s items today.

There is a small ding near the oil hole on the right barrel, but it retains about 90% of the original metal finish and still has a little paint left in the stencil which is typically gone. The stock and forearm are original, and in about 90% condition if not better. It’s a great looking Daisy 21.

Velocity tested at around 285 fps each barrel.

  • BB gun
  • Break action double barrel
  • MFG 68 to 72

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