Vintage Crosman Model 111 Precharged C02


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After WWII Crosman discovered that the government had millions of 10 ounce C02 canisters left over from the war and available as surplus. Crosman developed a line of precharged C02 rilfes and pistols to use these C02 canisters. They also marketed a shooting range that utilized these airguns.

Now these guns are regaining popularity as C02 tanks used for paintball are easily available. All of the Crosman models 111-116 can be charged in several ways: Use the original tanks, we have a few available. Use our C02 charger with 10 gram Crosman Powerlets. Use our Multi -tip adapter with a standard C02 paintball tank. this could be used to fill the gun or to fill the original 10 ounce tanks. This particular gun was re-sealed in our shop. It holds air at least overnight and was velocity tested at 434 fps. This gun retains over 95% of the original finish. It has a few handling marks but over all is in excellent condition.

The metal retains about 90% of the original finish. The grips are in very good condition with no cracks or warping.

It was cleaned, lubed, and resealed in our shop with velocity tested at around 398 fps using lead pellets.

  • .177 caliber
  • Pre Charged CO2
  • Single shot

These guns are accurate and fun to shoot and make great collectors’ items.







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