Used Brocock Commander XR .22 w/ Hawke 13311 Airmax 30SF WA 4-16×50 SKU 288.4


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Used Brocock Commander XR .22 w/ Hawke Airmax 30SF WA 4-16×50 scope SKU 288.4


This recent trade-in came in with a Hawke 13311 Airmax 30SF WA 4-16 already mounted! Retail on the scope alone is over $500.00.

Velocity tested at 835 fps using 15.89 gr pellets.

The integrated XR range is designed to be modular, accepting parts and fitments across the range and compatible with AR upgrade parts and accessories. The firing system has been developed and refined using the very latest CNC machinery. The new side lever Commander XR matches performance and style in one, highly practical and very versatile package.

Indicated by its twin air gauges, the Commander XR incorporates a highly advanced regulator system, developed in partnership with the Dutch regulator specialists, Huma-Air. Only Brocock and sister company Daystate have rights to fit as standard the Highly advanced Huma-Air Regulator, this technological advanced regulator system when combined with the XR’s latest hammer design precisely meters the air release to totally eradicate any power curve. Measured air control ensures minimal shot-to-shot deviation as the rifle cycles through its usable air charge, not only improving downrange accuracy, but returning an even higher number of shots from each fill-up – a big bonus for those who opt for the rifle in its high-power formats.

  • Ergonomic sidelever operation
  • Huma-Air Regulator
  • Precharged from a dive cylinder or high pressure pump delivering a shot capacity.
  • Multiple power settings via side power adjuster
  • Removable self-indexing 10 shot rotary magazine with single shot tray supplied
  • Polymer ambidextrous stock with AR grip
  • Collapsible stock with folding option
  • Threaded muzzle
  • Underside picatinny rail
  • Revised hammer and valve assembly
  • Two Stage trigger
  • Resettable safety catch
  • Barrel: 596mm
  • Full length, built in fully baffled silencer with adapter for second stage silencer




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