Texas Brush Hog Camo Airgun Skins 3-pc Set for AirForce Texan LSS/SS


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Camo up without harming your gun!  In fact, Texas Brush Hog Camo Covers help to protect your gun from common scratches, nicks, and abrasions.  No more spray paint or adhesives.  These camo skins are made from a spandex style stretch material similar to what is used for yoga pants.  Simply slide onto your gun and the stretch material will hold itself in place.  Cut to fit, and you’re done!  Removal is as easy as removing a sock from your foot.  They’re available in several camo colors, as well as some bright colors that will make you stand out on the range.  Best of all, they’re cheap enough that you can get several sets for different seasons or environments.  I personally use and recommend the Woodland for summer varmint hunting when the woods are green and plush,  the Dark Terrain in fall when everything is brown and bare, the Silver Mist for winter and snow covered days, and the Multi-Purpose for spring when there’s mostly brown with a hint of green in the trees.  There’s a color for every need.  The Predator Pattern really breaks up the outline of the gun quite well no matter the season or terrain.  These sets can be custom cut by the user to fit most guns.  In fact, you can use the pieces however you like. You can also buy more than one set and mix and match colors.  The possibilities are endless!

3 Piece Set Includes:

Bottle Cover for 480cc-580cc Carbon Fiber, Steel, or Aluminum Bottle

2″ Barrel Cover (28″ long, fits most shrouded barrels)

Scope Cover



Woodland, Silver Mist (snow camo)

1 review for Texas Brush Hog Camo Airgun Skins 3-pc Set for AirForce Texan LSS/SS

  1. Justin

    Which Texas Brushhog set is for standard Airforce Texan 457?

    • Donnie R


      You’d probably do best with the standard 3 or 4 piece set. NOT the one for the Texan SS or LSS.


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