RAW HM1000x LRT PCP Air Rifle – Right Hand, Tan Laminate Stock


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The Rapid Air Weapons (RAW) HM1000x LRT is a regulated, side-lever cocking, pre-charged pneumatic repeater with polygon barrel and offset moderator. Designed for both hunters and competitors offering ultimate long-rage precision and capable of sub 1″ groups out to 100 yards. RAW states this is the most accurate PCP manufactured in the USA. Featuring the HM1000x receiver with RAW’s high-power tune allows for up to 50 foot-pounds of muzzle energy in .22 caliber, and up to 60 foot-pounds in .25 caliber.

A rotary magazine is included. 12 rounds in .22 and .25 caliber, or 9 in .30 and 7 in .357 cal. It also features a side lever cocking mechanism for a smooth effortless action. The HM1000x LRT’s trigger is a fully adjustable version of RAW’s TM1000 target trigger with safety catch and hardened polished steel parts.

The polygon rifled Walther Lothar barrels that come standard on the HM1000x LRT are fitted to the receiver, then tested for accuracy before ever leaving the manufacturing facility.

The ambidextrous LRT stock offers top-grade ergonomics. Its pistol grip provides a steep angle and generous palm swell with stippling for a comfortable no-slip grip. The forearm is also stippled with a flat underside sporting 5 M-Lok slots built in for easily attaching accessories such as bipods, sling studs, and Q.D. attachments. The cheek piece and butt-padd are fully adjustable allowing for maximum accuracy..

  • Available in .22 or .25 caliber
  • 12 round magazine included
  • Pre-charged pneumatic / high pressure air
  • Carbon fiber 230 bar / 480cc air cylinder
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Quick-fill system
  • Side-lever action
  • Picatinny / Weaver rails
  • Tan laminate / stippled stock with adjustable cheek piece
  • Adjustable butt padd
  • Adjustable match-grade trigger
  • Overall length: 45.37 inches
  • Overall weight: 8.85 lbs 4oz
  • Made in the USA

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