PelletgageR .22 Pellet Sorting Gauge


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The Pelletgage has evolved. Introducing the new PelletgageR! The PelletgageR will quickly and easily sort 48 pellets at a time for one specific headsize. Now available in .22 caliber, we offer a PelletgageR in 5.51mm and 5.52mm. The PelletgageR uses precision cut plates 0.01mm larger and 0.01mm smaller than your ideal pellet size. This way, larger pellets never get through the upper hole, and smaller pellets fall completely through it. Only when the pellet falls through the first plate and is caught by the second is it the correct size.
In this way, you can SUBSTANTIALLY reduce the amount of time seeking your ideal headsize. An entire tin of 500 pellets can be accurately sorted for an ideal headsize in minutes instead of hours. Just pour some pellets on the PelletgageR, give it a few shakes, gently tap all of the pellets, and you’re done! The oversized ones won’t fall in at all, and the undersized ones will fall all the way through to their skirts. It couldn’t be faster or easier! Take your accuracy to the next level in a fraction of the time with the PelletgageR.

.22 caliber
5.51mm or 5.52mm head size
Reduce flyers with more consistent head size
Sort pellets in a fraction of the time

Head Size

5.51mm, 5.52mm


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