Paintball Tank Adapter for for Hammerli 850 / RWS 850 9 oz.

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Stop buying CO2 cartridges for your 850

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Makes it possible to attach a refillable paintball tank to a Hammerli 850 air rifle instead of having to buy new CO2 cartridges. Attach a 9 oz. paintball tank with pin valve to your 850. The internal floating pin depresses and opens the pin valve as the paintball tank is fully installed in the 850 rifle.



  1. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Has anyone used this adapter with a 13 cu/1,100psi output hpa bottle?

    • Donnie R


      Absolutely not.

      This is designed for CO2, not HPA.

      We do not recommend using this for anything except CO2.


      • Jeremy (verified owner)

        Thanks for your reply/warning, Donnie. Does Baker offer anything similar to this adapter that IS rated for HPA?

        • Donnie R

          Unfortunately not. Sorry we can’t help.


  2. Kerry (verified owner)

    I just purchased this fitting and was wondering do I put it on the tank and then screw into gun or put adapter in gun then screw in PB tank? Also do I need the brass adapter as well you sell. Thanks in advance.

    • Daymon

      It is easier if you screw it into the gun first and then screw on the tank. You should not need a brass adapter as long as this is going on a Hammerli 850.

  3. Jeff R.

    does this also work for HPA? I believe that’s a different tank.

    • Daymon


      • Anders Grassman

        I need clarification, as I wonder the same thing. Does it work for HPA as well, does one use other tanks and fittings? (I want to be able to – without to much trouble – be able to switch in between CO2 and HPA on a 850 rifle.)

        • Daymon

          It is for CO2 only.

          • Woody Holland

            Confused by answers here. If you use a HPA bottle regulated to 1100 PSI then the pressure this sees is the same as warm CO2. I see you not wanting people to puy 3000 PSI into this. Whats all the can’t use with HPA?

          • Donnie R

            You are creating your own confusion by not listening to the people who manufacture this product.
            This has been said several times already.
            DO NOT use this with HPA.
            We would rather you did not use our product at all than try to use it in an application it is not designed for.
            This is designed for CO2 ONLY!
            Hope that clears up your confusion.

          • Woody Holland

            thank you for your kind answer. Found one in UK that will work.

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