Omega Air Cylinder with HP3 Valve 75 cu / ft, 4500 PSI


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Refill your high pressure air pre-charged pneumatic airgun at home or in the field with this 75 cu / ft, 4500 PSI Omega Air Cylinder with HP3 valve. The large capacity tank provides plenty of fills on any size airgun cylinder, and minimizes trips to have the tank refilled. Included is the Omega cylinder, HP3 Valve zero-kink hose for use with 1/8 BSP  adaptor (standard with most PCP airguns). A 2 inch stainless steel oil filled gauge that shows PSI and Bar measurement.


  • 75 cubic foot capacity
  • 4500 psi fill pressure
  • Stainless Oil-Filled Gauge
  • DOT Certified
  • Slow Fill / Fast Refill Valve
  • 1-Meter Zero-Kink Hose
  • Quick bleed valve release


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