Nickel Finish Daisy No. 102 Model 36 BB Gun


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This is a vintage, Plymouth Michigan marked Daisy No. 102 Model 36 with a nickel finish. They were manufactured between 1941 & 1942, then again between 1945 & 1947. It features a wood stock, stepped barrel and a 500 shot gravity fed magazine. BB caliber, lever action, 500 shot repeater

The wood stock does have quite a few scuffs and nicks, but doesn’t look bad. It also has the name “Tommy Lucas” carved on each side of the stock giving it a bit of nostalgia.  The metal retains most of the original nickel finish, though it does show signs of aging.

We tested the velocity in our shop at around 240 fps.

  • BB caliber
  • Lever action
  • Wood stock

This is a nice Daisy collectable BB gun




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