Multi Tip Adapter

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Ships with 1/8 NPT male tip by default


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Makes it possible to use a paintball tank to fill bulk fill airguns such as Crosman models 111 through 118.

OFF/ON fill paintball tanks from other paint ball fitting even the pin valve tanks. The knob will open the PIN Valve. Tanks with Off/On valve can also be used.
The paintball to paintball OFF/ON unit
A multi tip adapter comes with your choice of one of the following tips

  • 1/8 NPT male tip
  • AirSource 88 gram tip
  • Female AirSource 88 gram tip
  • Male paintball tip

Be sure to include which tip you would like in your order notes at checkout.

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions4 × 3 × 1 in


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Ted B
7 months 18 days ago

Hello, will the default 1/8 NPT tip work with my Crosman 114? Do I need any other adapter(s) to connect to the fill tank? Thanks for your help.

7 months 18 days ago


Gary Erlichman Home
7 months 27 days ago

What tip is required for the Model 116 refill adapter?

7 months 26 days ago


The tip that comes with it will work.

You don’t need anything extra.