FX Wildcat MKII Synthetic .25 Caliber Compact


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The FX Wildcat MKII Synthetic .25 Caliber Compact provides the higher caliber in a smaller, better balanced form factor of the .22 variant. FX Hard case, fill probe, muzzle ring, moderator, and owner’s manual included.

This gun is in at least 95% original condition.

FX Hard case Included! Introducing the Wildcat MK2 PCP Air Rifle, the first of the new FX rifles manufactured in the state of the art Mariastad Sweden facility. Featuring the same Beautifully balanced light weight design, smooth cocking but with a few upgrades over earlier models. The Wildcat MK2 features the all new FX interchangable barrel liner system (Smooth Twist X System) which allows you the change barrel liners making it possible to upgrade the standard Smooth Twist liner which is standard on the MKII to the Smooth Twist X Barrel liner.

The New MKII is also ligther, features an upgraded reloading system, trigger, and updated airflow system for better shot consistency and shot count.

Though a lot of upgrades and changes have been made the MK2 still has some of the features that made the Wildcat so popular to begin with like internal air regulator, easy load magazine system, fingerprint resistant high-grade aluminum parts, and fully shrouded barrel.

Improvements made to the Wildcat MKII just solidifies what we already know. The Wildcat is an excellently designed bullpup with all of the performance and features you’d expect from one one the world’s premier airgun manufacturers.


  • Pre-charged pneumatic
  • .25 caliber
  • Energy – up to 47 ft/lbs
  • Overall length: 26.5″ (without moderator)
  • Smooth Twist X System
  • Internal air regulator
  • Synthetic all-weather stock with soft touch coating
  • Forward designed smooth cocking mechanism
  • 8-shot magazine

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Overall Length


5.8 lbs



Body Type


(.177): 24 J • 18 ft/lbs, (.22): 41 J • 30 ft/lbs, (.25): 65 J • 47 ft/lbs

Fill Pressure

230 Bar, 3300 Psi




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