Edgun Leshiy 2 R.E.P.R. (Short) 250mm Barrel

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The EDgun Leshiy 2 R.E.P.R. is a step forward in modern PCP design. The Leshiy 2 is hammerless and uses a new valve that allows consistent dwell time regardless of regulator pressure. This system allows for rapid opening and closing, and the user no longer has to worry about wear and tear with higher regulator pressure requiring a heavy hammer strike on the valve stem. Offered in a long (350mm barrel) or a short (250mm barrel), the Leshiy 2 is modular, multi-caliber, and accommodates the user looking for an EDC backpack model, a 450 mid-range short barrel rifle, to a 600mm barrel long range airgun.

The REPR is a transverse or perpendicular micro regulator that is only a few MM tall. It uses a cup that is screwed into the plenum sideways. A mini Belleville washer stack is used along with a single-piston O-ring. Placed between the air reservoir and plenum is a debris plug that prevents contaminants from entering the regulator. The REPR is capable of regulating the plenum pressure between 60-280 BAR. The black disc is used to either increase or decrease pressure in the plenum. With the REPR, increase and decrease of the regulator pressure can be done while the gun is fully charged, no need to degas the Leshiy to adjust the regulator.
Additionally, the REPR is equipped with a removable plug with 1/8 BSPP threads; this is used to check the plenum’s pressure if desired. The key to this system is not the volume of the plenum nor the fact that the pressure can go so high – but the combination of the patented valve and high-pressure regulator. The new REPR comes complete with everything you need, straight from EDgun. Ed has a tradition of selling guns that don’t need aftermarket gizmos to ensure performance. The new REPR is ready directly from EDgun without having to pay for extra items.



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