EDgun EaZy Fill


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***Pictured with optional extended female quick disconnect***
The EDgun EaZy fill system is a revolutionary step forward in PCP (pre-charged Pneumatic) filling.  When filling any PCP from a traditional compressed air bottle source, it requires the user to install the fill whip, open the valve, wait for the gun to fill, close the valve and bleed the air out of the fill hose.  There hasn’t been any advancement with how this process is done – until now.   The EaZY fill has a hand throttle that acts like a commonly found compressed air chuck; squeeze the trigger, fill the gun, release the trigger and remove the probe.  The filling process no longer wastes air, makes noise when bleeding off the hose, and the process is much faster.
Benefits of the EaZy fill system
  • Almost Zero air waste
  • Quicker than traditional valves
  • Adaptable to any PCP fill system
  • Quiet filing
  • No need to access the tank valve
  • Clean
  • Supplied with a 1/8 BSPP (G 1/8) thread that will adapt to all fill probe sizes and foster
  • Foster fitting attachment
  • Hard anodizing coating


Add an extended female quick disconnect for just $20!


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