Daystate Wolverine R HP Hi-lite With Walnut Stock


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The Daystate Wolverine R still sports the best features of the previous Wolverine 2 with some exciting new improvements. The new Wolverine R swapped out the original cocking bolt with a new sidelever cocking system for smoother, faster cocking. This design also makes it possible to switch the sidelever from left to right, enhancing the versatility of the ambidextrous thumbhole stock.

That brings us to the “R” in Wolverine R. Yes, it’s regulated! Designed for Daystate in partnership with world renowned Dutch regulator experts, Huma.  The new Huma regulator keeps your shot accuracy more consistent while also providing more shots per air cylinder fill. The R model will return about 200% more shots than the Wolverine 2 thanks to high efficiency air use. This is particularly useful in the Wolverine R HP .303 being such a high caliber.

The R also changes out the previous trigger with a new design including two-stage mechanical release, adjustable for weight and length of stage making it a pleasure to shoot.

  • 5 shot .30 cal rotating magazine clip
  • Precharged pneumatic / high pressure air
  • Side lever cocking – Factory reversable
  • Fill pressure up to 250 bar
  • 480cc air cylinder
  • Shots per fill – 55 shots @ 60 ft/lbs .30 cal
  • Two-stage mechanical release trigger. Adjustable for weight and length of stage
  • Ambidextrous walnut thumbhole stock
  • Hugget moderator
  • Dual air gauges for air cylinder and moderator

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