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Daisy 1871 NRA Centennial Rifle & Pistol Set | SKU 6908

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This is special set of airguns including a Daisy 1894 and Daisy 179 Peacemaker that commemorates the 1971 100th anniversary of the National Rifle Association which was founded on November 17th, 1871. They’re marked “1871 – NRA Centennial – 1971” on the receiver (rifle), and barrel (pistol). The rifle features the round NRA logo on the stock, while the pistol has it on the grip.

While they don’t say 1894 or peacemaker anywhere on the guns, they’re special editions of those models.

Both guns are in beautiful condition. Both retain 90% or better of the original finish. The stock and forearm on the rifle are in very good condition with only minor wear. The plastic grip on the pistol is in very good condition with no cracks or chips.

Bot guns were recently cleaned, lubed, and resealed it in our shop. Velocity for the rifle tested at around 264 fps, while the pistol tested at around 134 fps. They’re both shooting good!


  • BB caliber
  • Lever action
  • 40 round magazine


  • BB caliber
  • 12 shot repeater
  • Single action
  • 10.5″ OAL
  • 2.7 lbs.




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