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Vintage: Professionally resealed and in good working condition

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The Daisy No. 107 is a pump action cocking BB rifle with a 500 shot magazine with a plastic stock and trombone action pump handle. These were manufactured after 1958.



The metal retains about 85% of the original painted finish. The plastic stock and pump handle have some general wear with only slight warping in the stock which is common with similar Daisy models of this era.

It was cleaned, lubed, and resealed in our shop. Velocity tested at around 278 fps.

  • .177 caliber BB
  • Pump action cocking
  • 500 shots per fill

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  1. Steven Clemens

    I have an old Daisy pump action air rifle model no 107, reg no 0803773 and the inner barrel split years ago of which I do not have any more, does anyone know of where I could purchase a new inner barrel. Hope you can help
    Kind Regards,
    Steve Australia

    • Donnie R


      I’m sorry, but we do not have that part available.


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