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The Daisy Model No. 104 Side by Side is a double barrel BB gun that was manufactured between 1938 and 1940; only two years. The break action is similar to a real shot gun. It’s a 96- shot spring fed repeater with two 25 type shot tubes side by side. These shot tubes were marked R for right, and L for left. It also had a walnut stock, dummy sidelocks, and blued finish with a stamped design featuring hunting dogs, game birds, and artistic scrolling.

This one has the correct “L” “R” marked shot tubes, and are most likely original. hard to say for sure. The metal has a lot of patina with about 80% of the original blued finish. The stock is in good condition considering the age, but does have a few rough areas especially toward the end of the butt stock. No cracks, so it’s solid. It’s also marked Plymouth Michigan.

It has been cleaned, lubed, and resealed in our shop. Velocity was tested at around 270 fps for each barrel. Still shoots good, and is a highly collectable Daisy BB gun.

  • BB Caliber
  • Double barrel
  • Correct L, R, shot tubes
  • Mfg 1938 – 1940

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