Crosman Silicone Chamber Oil

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  • Recommended for all break barrel,  Pre-Charged Pneumatic ( PCP) & High Pressure Air ( HPA) Airguns
  • Maintains accuracy in break barrel action guns. If your break barrel begins to lose accuracy a couple drops of silicone chamber oil into the air chamber will help lubricate the air cylinder and restore accuracy
  • $10
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  1. david blankenhorn

    How would I use this in a PCP gun… “the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask’ as they say.

    • Daymon

      The only reason you’d really want to use this on a PCP is for the air chamber. Proceed with caution though. A lot of experts say don’t use it at all, while others claim it will help to keep your air chamber from rusting due to condensation. It would be worth doing some research on the topic before doing anything.

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