Crosman Model 101 Pellet Rifle 1924-1950


Condition: Vintage – Tested and in working condition

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Crosman Model 101 Pellet Rifle 1924-1950 SKU 10150

The Crosman Model 101 was Crosman’s main product from 1924 to 1950. It is a .22 caliber, single shot, multi-pump air rifle with a rifled barrel.

This one is typical of ones made before WW II. The receiver has flat facets (like a stop sign) where it meets the barrel. The rear sight is a tombstone type, typical of this age rifle. It has the grooved cocking knob and the Straight Logo on the side of the receiver. The wood on this one is beech.

The metal looks to have been re-painted sometime in the past. I would describe the condition as about 80-90%. Not perfect but it looks pretty good.The paint on the barrel and air tube has been polished off exposing the brass, giving this one a nice vintage look.

The wood is in excellent condition. May have been re-finished at some time. This stock is the desirable high comb style.

This is nice old gun.

It was tested and in working condition. Velocity tested at 580 fps with 14.3 gr pellets and 10 pumps.

  • .22 caliber
  • Single Shot
  • Multi-pump
  • Wood stock


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