.22 Caliber Rifled Barrels 22XX Series

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Optional Barrel Length

Enter the length you want the barrel cut to from 7″ to 24″ inches

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For Crosman 2200 series models. Barrels are rifled, and have a flattened end for the front sight, flattened area in the top for a rear sight (on other models), and is dimpled in the center to line up your barrel band. These have an outer diameter of 7/16″.

Cut 7″ to 24″ blued, and crowned. If we cut the barrel to a shorter length, the flat will be removed. If you want the flat restored, you’ll need to tell us. There is a charge of $10 for cutting this flat.

For use with Crosman 2260, 2240, 2300, 2250 models.


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Paul Swartzentruber
2 years 1 month ago

What is the OD?

2 years 1 month ago

It’s 7/16. We’ve updated the description.