Benjamin Traveler Portable High Pressure Air Compressor – 4500 PSI


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The Benjamin Traveler is a compact and lightweight high pressure air compressor used for filling your pre-charged pneumatic airguns. No more trips to get your tank or airgun filled. Charge your airgun wherever you are and whenever you want. For use with with paintball or airgun high pressure air cylinders only. These should not be used to fill a portable HPA tank. Can be powered by electrical outlet with 110v converter, or connected to a car battery.

  • Light Weight, Small size and Portable
  • Max fill 4500 psi
  • For Airgun/Paintball Cylinders only (less than 0.6L/600cc)
  • Runs off 12 Volt battery (Car, Lawn Mower)
  • Automatic Pressure shutoff- stops at set pressure
  • Automatic shut off after 25 minutes of continuous runtime
  • Temperature Protection
  • Low Voltage Battery Protection
  • Converter for 110V
  • Inline Oil/Water separator adapter
  • Fills a Discovery/ Maximus 0 – 2,000psi in 3mins 25 seconds
  • Fills a Armada/Marauder 0 – 3,000psi in 8 mins
  • Fills a Armada/Marauder 2000-3000psi in 3 mins via Car battery
  • Fills a Armada/Marauder 0 -3000psi in 8 mins via Riding Lawn Mower battery

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Condition: New MSRP: $399.99 You save $50 Includes 1-year limited warranty (factory) Cannot be shipped filled with air


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