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Benjamin Model 317 Pellet Rifle

SKU 12450

The Benjamin 317 is a .177 caliber, breech loading, bolt action, single shot, pump-up pneumatic pellet rifle with a wood stock and corncob style pump handle. This one has the straight bolt. They were manufactured between 1940 and 1969.

The walnut stock and forearm are in excellent condition.  The wood seems a little dirty, may clean up. Nice figure in the wood grain.

The metal retains about 20% of the original black finish. Mostly brass showing.

Re-sealed in our shop. Velocity tested at 546 fps with 11.42 gr pellets

  • .177 caliber

  • Bolt action

  • Single shot

  • Multi pump pneumatic

Sold as a collectors item. Sold ” as is” No returns.

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  1. Walter Clark Giles

    “Velocity tested at around 592 fps using lead pellets”, can you tell me how a new 317 would be expected to perform? How many pumps before shooting?

    • Daymon

      10 pumps would be the maximum. After that you won’t get much more velocity for the effort.

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