Benjamin Model 250 Air Pistol Mfg 1952-1956 SKU 10649


Vintage- Professionally re-sealed -Shoots great !

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Benjamin Model 250 Air Pistol Mfg 1952-1956 SKU 10649

The Benjamin model 250 is a 177 caliber single shot, smooth bore, C02 air pistol that uses 8 gram C02 cartridges. It is designed to shot BB, 177 pellets or 177 caliber round lead balls. It was made from 1952 to 1956.

This one is in excellent condition. The metal retains about 85% of the original black finish, The finish is a bit faded in spots. Light general wear.

It comes with an original box. The box is for the  Benjamin Sheridan EB so is not correct for this model.

This gun was re-sealed in our shop a few years ago. The gun holds air and shoots. I tested it today and it shot 394 fps with steel BB’s and 350 with 8.4 gt lead pellets.

Very cool very old airgun.








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