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The Benjamin Discovery is a PCP ( pre-charged pneumatic ) or HPA (High pressure Air) air rifle. These guns use high pressure air ( 2000 psi)  to send a pellet flying downrange at up to 900 (.22 cal alloy pellets) fps. They can be charged with a hand pump, an air tank, or scuba tank, and are capable of using C02 from a paintball tank.

You will typically get 25-40 shots per fill with no loss in velocity (more with C02). Most people fill them with the hand pump. Pumping is easy and cheap. No C02 cartridges to buy or paintball tanks to fill.

We think the Benjamin Discovery is the best thing that has come down the pike in a long time. When HPA, high pressure airguns were first developed, many competition shooters switched to this style air rifle, but they were expensive. Now Crosman has come out with the Benjamin Discovery and has brought High Pressure Air (HPA) and Pre-charged Pneumatics (PCP) to a price level where many more shooters can experience these exciting air rifles.

This gun is in excellent condition, and shoots good.

Velocity tested at around 878 fps using LEAD pellets.

  • .22 caliber
  • Pre-charged pneumatic / high-pressure air
  • Single shot
  • Bolt action






Barrel Length

Overall Length

Shot Capacity

Front Sights

Rear Sites



Trigger Pull


Safety Mechanism


Shot Function

Shots per Fill




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