AR-15 Modifications for 2nd Gen Benjamin Marauder

Modify your 2nd Gen Marauder with AR-15 style Tactical Gear

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Allows the use of an AR-15 buffer tube and stock to be attached to your gun for maximum versatility, comfort, and scope position. Adjustment options for cast on / off, up, down , and cant of butt pad with any combo in between. Use of the collapsible stock also allows for length, and pull adjustments. The adapter positioned between the chassis, and stock is vented to prevent hammer vacuum on airguns.

Teryx Chassis for Gen 2 Benjamin Marauder Rifles

Billet aluminum CNC machined to precisely fit Gen 2 Benjamin Marauders, hard coat mil spec anodized.

  • Removable rear block
  • Movable grip stud
  • Billet aluminum trigger guard

Adjustable Stock

6 position adjustable stock for use with The R Arms Teryx Chassis system. These are for non AR guns, and do not include a buffer spring, buffer plate, or locking plate.

  • UTG/Leapers 6 position mil spec collapsible stock
  • Buffer tube
  • Castle nut

Universal Adjustable Stock Adapter

Allows for better accuracy with a more comfortable fit. These adapters work on anything that will accept an AR buffer tube, mil-spec or commercial buffer tube,
except AR rifles and pistols that have functioning parts inside the buffer tube.

  • CNC machined from aluminum aircraft grade alloy,
  • Hard Coat Mil-Spec anodized black
  • Wrench flats and a keyway for better lockup



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