Early BSA Series A Standard Rifle Mfg 1919-1939 SKU 10647


Vintage- Sold ” as is”

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Baker Airguns

Early BSA Series A Standard Rifle Mfg 1919-1939 SKU 10647

According to the Blue Book of Airguns eighth edition The BSA Standard Rifle was made from 1919 to 1939. It was a spring piston, break barrel action, single shot rifle. Accurate identification of thes early rifles can be difficult but I bought this one from one of the leading experts on vintage air rifle, Larry Hannich and he had the gun marked ” Rare A Series”.

This one is pretty rough. The spring tube is cracked and looks like it has been repaired, the trigger guard is missing, the cocking lever falls down. front and rear sights are missing.

The gun acts ;like it would cock but I did not test it. Sold “as is” with no returns accepted.

Very cool very old airgun.








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