10 oz. Bulk Fill CO2 Tanks For Crosman Models 111 thru 118


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These tanks were used to charge the older Crosman Models 111 thru 118 airguns.

This is a collectors item. If you are trying to fill a Crosman Model 111 thru 118, you’ll want the Multi Tip Adapter and a paintball tank available at Walmart or similar outlet.

Please note that these are not newly manufactured tanks. They aren’t made anymore, and you cannot get them filled anywhere. The tank you receive will not look exactly like the one pictured in terms of color or finish.

Please note: These must be shipped empty. We cannot ship compressed air.

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JI TEjada
1 year 2 days ago

do you have any replacement model for the above co2 bottle for Crossman

1 year 2 days ago

No, but if you get one of our multi tip adapters you can use that to refill from a paintball tank. The tanks listed here are collectable anyway. You cannot get them filled anywhere.