The PelletgageR, now in .22 caliber!

Chances are that all of you .177 pellet sorters are already familiar with the Original Pelletgage and the PelletgageR.  There’s no question that the PelletgageR has revolutionized pellet sorting by headsize, making the process exponentially more efficient.  The trouble is, until recently…the PelletgageR was only available in .177 caliber.  Not anymore!  The PelletgageR is now available in .22 as well!  Check out the video below as well as this written report for the whole story.

The PelletgageR does not replace the original Pelletgage. Both are their own species with their own specializations. I own both and would not part with either.

If you’re not familiar with the original Pelletgage, it is a device used to measure pellet headsize in 10 micron increments. It has 10 holes, all of different sizes. It acts as a “Go/No-Go” gauge. You simply take a single pellet and try to gently see if it will Go or No-Go through the holes on the Pelletgage. In this way, you can very accurately determine the headsize of a single pellet. While this is an incredibly important tool in my bag, it is the fact that you can only do one pellet at a time that previously made sorting an entire tin of pellets a multiple-hour proposition.

This is where the new PelletgageR steps in. I urge you to watch my older video on the PelletgageR, which is both an explanation and demonstration of the product. In short, the PelletgageR does in minutes what would take even a skilled hand with the original Pelletgage hours and hours.

The PelletgageR sorts 48 pellets at a time for a single headsize. For instance, my Gamo Urban prefers the Air Arms 16gr pellets with a 5.51mm headsize. I know this from extensive pellet testing using the original Pelletgage. Now that I know the pellet and ideal headsize I need, I can get a PelletgageR in 5.51mm.

The really slick thing about the PelletgageR is that it uses two steel sizing plates. Since I need 5.51mm pellets, my personal PelletgageR has a 5.52mm top plate and a 5.50mm bottom plate. Because of this, the perfect 5.51mm pellets that I need will be captured in the PelletgageR. If they’re 5.52mm or larger they’ll never get through the top plate. If they’re 5.50mm or smaller they’ll fall all the way through the bottom plate to their skirt. Kicking out the incorrect pellets couldn’t be easier.

Operating the PelletgageR  also couldn’t be simpler. You just pour roughly 48 pellets onto the top plate, give it a shaking motion…and the pellets almost magically align themselves into the 48 holes. Now give the ones that made it through the top plate a very gentle little tap…and you’re done! Just pick out the very obviously incorrect pellets and put the rest into your sorted pile. BOOM! 40+ pellets sorted in just a minute or two…literally.

If you’re already a pellet sorter, you’re going to want one of these. If you’re not a pellet sorter yet…well…you might want to consider it. I guess that only applies if you want the absolute best accuracy out of your rig that is possible of course. If you’re on the fence, I’ll be providing a future blog or two to make a case for the efficacy of pellet sorting. We offer the PelletgageR  in both .177 (4.51mm ideal size or 4.52mm ideal size) and .22 caliber (5.51mm ideal size or 5.52mm ideal size) here on the Baker Airguns website.

As always, thank you if you’ve read this far! We would love to hear your comments and feedback below, and hope this blog is beneficial to you.

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