Crosman Corporation Introduces New 5 Year Limited Warranty on Select Airguns

In a memo we just received today from Crosman’s Director of customer service Susan Piedmont; Crosman states a new 5 year warranty will go into effect for all break barrel and PCP air rifles and PCP pistols purchased on or after November 15th 2017. Bellow is a summery of that memo:

SUBJECT: New Limited Five (5) Year Warranty on all Break Barrel Air Rifles, PCP Rifles and PCP Pistols purchased on or after November 15, 2017.

Valued Crosman Partner,

Thank you for your continued support as a valued Crosman Partner. We have some exciting news related to the warranty for our PCP products and Break Barrel Rifles. America’s favorite airguns now have America’s best warranty. Crosman Corporation is extending the warranty on all PCP Rifles, PCP Pistols and Break Barrel Rifles from a one (1) year limited warranty to a five (5) year limited warranty.

Crosman’s new warranty is unmatched in the industry and redefines what consumers should expect from airguns performance and durability. The five (5) year limited warranty is also the longest in the industry and is possible because of Crosman’s commitment to the highest quality standards.

It goes on to state that the new limited warranty covers both Crosman and Benjamin branded products, so popular PCP guns like the Discovery,  Marauder Rifle, and Marauder Pistol are included. These guns are already an excellent value for PCP airguns, and now backed with a limited 5 year warranty.

2 thoughts on “Crosman Corporation Introduces New 5 Year Limited Warranty on Select Airguns

  1. Elyse Malmquist

    Last month I purchase a Crosman Vigilante Pistol and was wondering if I can purchase this 5 year limited warranty? If you need more info please email me back ASAP! Thank you

    1. Daymon

      If It’s a break barrel rifle, a PCP rifle or pistol, and is branded Crosman or Benjamin it’s covered as long as you bought it after the date shown in the post. As far as we know all other Crosman airguns have a 1-year limited warranty. You’d have to contact Crosman directly to see about any type of extended warranty they might offer.

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